Here are some kind words from a few of the people I've had the privilege to work with:

Doug Kessler
Creative Director, Co-Founder, Velocity
I've worked with dozens of designers, art directors and creative leaders over the years and Jim is the very best of them all.
As a designer, he's frighteningly talented, generating stunning, on-strategy work from even the fuzziest of briefs. His works is never less than clear, strong, confident and nuanced. His sophisticated handling of type photography, illustration, video and digital bring intelligence and clarity of thought to all of his projects.
As a leader, Jim is positive, inspiring and totally committed. His designers would kill for him and the account people DO kill to work with him. 
Finally, Jim is a true pleasure to work with. His quick wit, positive attitude and respect for every one of his colleagues lifts the room, the work and the agency. Work with this guy. 

Bernd Ahle
National Advertising Manager, Sprint
Jim and I worked together on multiple campaigns for Sprint. He has a brilliant creative mind and is able to execute ideas in a way that is not just effective but also fresh and fun. He is able to solve problems in a creative way and can address any issues that may arise by working with his team in finding a solution. He has been a fantastic creative partner and the mastermind behind a new and fresh look to the Sprint Business brand. You really can’t wish for a more qualified professional and all around nice guy to work on your brand than Jim.

Martha Rzeppa
Business Director, C3
Jim is without doubt the best designer I've ever worked with. His talent and love for design are unparalleled. He goes above and beyond to create the most beautiful, on-strategy, intelligent and crafted work. What seems to come so easy to him is the result of his child-like curiosity and restlessness combined with a profound understanding of design and crazy attention to detail. (I think.)

I worked with Jim for 6.5 years and he is a vital part of why Velocity is the agency it is today. Not only because he's so freakishly talented or a great leader nourishing his team but also...well...because he's Jim. Witty, humble, caring, fun, prank-y and let's-not-take-each-other-too-seriously Jim.

Jim always wants to create the best work he – and his team – possibly can. Whatever it takes. You know he's got your back. And that's contagious. This is why everyone (EVERYONE!) wants to work with him. This is why I will always want to work with him.

Oliver Warman
Freelance Graphic Designer
Jim brought me, at the very beginning of my career, into a small design team which he grew very naturally and quickly into a powerhouse. He has an amazing ability to get the very best out of people and I am proud that he rapidly became my mentor. Not only a frighteningly talented designer but a true champion of ideas-led design, amazing communicator and all round good dude!
Clients include:
AWS, Basis, BMG, BT, BP, Centaur, Citrix, CA Cheuvreux, Econsultancy, EF Corporate, Ericsson, Expedia, Gartner, Gemalto, Happs, Hitachi, Imagination, Informatica, IntentHQ, Iron Mountain, LetReady, Kimberly-Clarke, Nestlé, OpenMarket, Outfront, PathFactory, playMGM, Salesforce, Shell Foundation, ROAR, Sprint, Stobbs, Westfield, Rackspace and Xerox